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City of Bloomington Parks & Recreation

Jackson Creek TrailTrail in Olcott Park

Jackson Creek Trail Phase II Project:

Construction of the northern section of the Jackson Creek Trail Phase II on High Street near Childs School is underway. This project adds 1.5 miles to the trail and multiuse path and will increase safety and provide connections for bicyclists and pedestrians to Jackson Creek Middle School, Sherwood Oaks Park, Childs Elementary School, Southeast Park, and the Goat Farm property.

Construction activity near Childs School is scheduled for completion by the start of the school year. The northern section of the trail, extending from South East Park to the High-Winslow-Rogers roundabout, is scheduled for completion by November 2021. The trail’s southern section, extending along Jackson Creek from Sare and Rhorer Roads to the existing trail at Sherwood Oaks Park, is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2022. More information is available at

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