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High Blue Vista Loop Trail*

Trail in High Blue

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  • Directions

  • Lat/Lng

    43.03716, -72.36824
  • Length

    0.77 Miles

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Difficulty: Easy Moderate

Round-trip Distance: 2.40 miles

On this trail, you will traverse two connected loops on the High Blue property and see a variety of flora and fauna, interesting natural communities, and great views. Start from where you parked along Scovil Rd. and follow the unmaintained road until you reach the reservation sign and trail ledger. Bear left here to begin the first loop, which takes you through mixed deciduous woods, past duckweed-covered frog ponds and vistas of the Connecticut River valley and southern Vermont. Follow this trail until you loop back to Scovil Rd; continue left at this point to head towards the Faulkner Loop or take a right to return to your car more quickly. Follow Scovil Rd. if you continued left and bear right into the woods at the Faulkner Loop trail sign. This loop takes you through a lowland spruce-fir forest to the top of Derry Hill, the highest point in Walpole. Follow this trail until you return to Scovil Rd. once again, this time bearing left to return to your vehicle. For an interactive trail experience and a mobile map of the trail, visit and select "High Blue" under the drop down menu.

Trail Directions:

Trailhead Parking

This double loop trail is approximately 2.4 miles long and is easy to moderate hiking terrain (some rolling hills but no sustained climbing).

"Help us care for this property by following these guidelines during your visit:

  • This property is open dawn to dusk
  • Carry out all trash
  • Dogs must remain under control and owners must pack out all dog waste
  • No motorized wheeled vehicles
  • No camping
  • No campfires
  • Hunting and fishing are allowed
  • Leave natural and cultural features undisturbed”
Allowed Access
Bow Hunting
Dog Walking
Rifle Hunting
Wildlife Watching

Additional Information

Accessibility Description

This trail has uneven surfaces, possible hazards (i.e. downed trees or branches) and may be muddy at certain times of the year. Parking areas and pull offs are not typically plowed in winter months, and trails may be inaccessible due to lack of safe, off-road parking at this time of year.

The Forest Society welcomes all people to our forest reservations, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or age.