Monkshood Loop

Trail in Government Peak Recreation Area


  • Directions

    Geolocation is not allowed
  • Distance

    1.09 miles



Along with Fireweed, Monkshood is the premiere single-track mountain bike trail in the Valley. Monkshood is slightly more technical than Fireweed, with a few more roots, boulders, and shallow stream crossings in the upper section, but the downhill flow is unbeatable. Unlike Fireweed, Monkshood is a one-way trail and should be ridden in the counterclockwise direction. The high point of Monkshood features stunning views of the Knik Glacier. Both trails are professionally built, well-maintained by VMBaH (Valley Mountain Bikers and Hikers) volunteers, and traverse beautiful boreal forests and sub-alpine meadows on the flanks of Government Peak. Enormous cottonwoods, gnarled birch, beetle-killed spruce, and wildflowers are common sights. Fireweed is a two-way trail, so please stay alert to oncoming riders. GPRA singletrack trails are groomed by VMBaH volunteers in winter for fat biking.

Allowed Activities
Mountain Biking
Fat Biking
Rules & Regulation
No Motorized
Allowed Access

Additional Information

Parking Fee

A parking fee of $5 per vehicle, or a $40 annual pass is required at this trailhead.

Parking passes can be purchased at trailhead or through this link.