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California Department of Parks and Recreation

Point Mugu State Park

Spotted! 🦁 A number of mountain lion sightings occurred over the weekend near the Sycamore Canyon area of Point Mugu State Park. @pointmugustatepark Our team is working to determine if these sightings were due to one or more mountain lions. In the meantime, we encourage you to hike, bike, and adventure out in groups and be aware of your surroundings, especially when mountain lions are most active — dawn, dusk and night.

Mountain lions are golden with long tails and range in size from 64 to 220 lbs. Be extra careful on trails at dawn and dusk, particularly where the dense underbrush is a preferred habitat. If you hike with small children, keep them close or pick them up. If you encounter a mountain lion, do not run. NEVER approach a mountain lion; keep your distance. Stay back and make yourself appear as large as possible (stand close to each other, open your jacket, raise your arms). Make a lot of noise (yell, bang, speak firmly). Do not turn your back. Do not bend down. Be a large and formidable adversary. Back away slowly, giving the mountain lion a path to get away. Attacks are extremely rare, but if you are attacked, fight back.

For more information visit: curtesy of California Department of Fish and Wildlife @californiadfw #mountainlion #mountainlions #santamonicamountains #pointmugu #pointmugustatepark #wildlife #lacounty #venturacounty #wildlifesightings #besafe

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