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City of Bloomington Parks & Recreation


Griffy Lake Accessible Fishing Pier and Loop Trail Project Update:

A temporary drawdown of Griffy Lake began Monday, August 2 in order to provide a clear view of the shoreline and lake bed for those considering bidding on the Griffy Lake Loop Trail and Accessible Fishing Pier project. One of seven Bicentennial Bond projects announced by Mayor John Hamilton in 2018 and approved by the Bloomington City Council, the Griffy Lake project is accepting construction bids through Friday, August 20.

Pumps are currently operating near the dam to lower the water level in Griffy Lake by approximately four feet so that those attending a pre-bid meeting August 9 can evaluate the shoreline in order to complete their bids. Following the pre-bid meeting, the water level at Griffy Lake will be allowed to return to normal.

Boat rental operations at Griffy Lake will be closed from August 2 through 14, as water will no longer reach the level of the boat ramp or boat docks. The boat ramp will be closed to private boat launching during this time as well (with the reminder that launching private watercraft from other locations along the shore of Griffy Lake is not permitted at any time). The City warns visitors to Griffy Lake to stay out of the lake bed during the drawdown, and assumes no responsibility for injuries that occur or items lost to or by individuals venturing onto the lake bed, where there is deep mud beneath the dried surface. Inquiries about the lake drawdown may be directed to

A contract for construction of the Griffy Lake project is scheduled to be reviewed for approval at the September meeting of the Board of Park Commissioners. This project also includes a realignment of the entry drive into the Griffy Lake parking lot and a guardrail along Headley Road across from the boathouse. The construction documents for this project are posted at

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