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United States Forest Service - Arizona

Coconino National ForestArea

Fire Closure - Stage 3

Stage 3 Fire Restrictions: Forest Closure

This Temporary Fire Closure - Stage 3 became effective on 06/23/2021 and will remain in effect until 09/01/2021.

This Order is necessary to reduce the risk of human-caused wildfires and protect the public health and safety from exposure to wildland fire and associated hazards.

Acres: 1,842,942

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Exemption: (1) USFS Special Use Authorizations are exempt from restriction #1 provided fires are within a structure and within the permitted area. (2) stove or grill fueled by LPG fuels (3) Federal, State, or local emergency response members while on official duty

Coconino National Forest Order Number: 03-04-21-18 Authority, CFR: 36 C.F.R. § 261.52(a) Approval: Forest Supervisor Signed: 6/21/2021, 6:00 AM

The signed order is the authoritative source for an order.

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