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City of Bloomington Parks & Recreation

Lower Cascades ParkArea

Lower Cascades Streambank Stabilization and Trail Extension Project

Since March 2020, Old State Road 37 through Lower Cascades Park has functioned as a bicycle- and pedestrian-only trail. A 0.6-mile segment of the road between the Lower Cascades Park playground and the IMI quarry entrance is closed to motorized vehicles during this pilot road conversion project. This week, the road through Lower Cascades Park is closed to ALL users--pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists--as a safety measure during tree removal in the park. Twenty-three trees are being removed in preparation for a significant project to stabilize the streambank to reduce erosion, provide easier access to the creek for recreational purposes, construct an accessible boardwalk to the Cascades waterfall, and extend the Cascades Park Trail north through the park. 

Before the project’s estimated start in May, CBU will complete an unrelated utility project at the southern end of Lower Cascades Park. Once the utility project begins (in late March or early April), half of the converted road on the southern end of the park will be closed to allow for traffic related to the utility project. The playground and the Sycamore Shelter (at the corner of Old State Road 37 North and Clubhouse Drive) will remain open during construction, although the parking lot on the south side of the playground, where the restroom building is located, may close periodically and temporarily to facilitate the safe movement of large equipment.

More information about the pilot road conversion and opportunities to provide feedback about the project are available here.

March 23, 2021 at 10:39pm 3 Likes | 0 Comments