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City of San Ramon


A friendly reminder for hikers on San Ramon trails in cattle grazing areas such as the Dougherty Valley Ridge, Tassajara Ridge, Upper & Lower Hidden Valley, and Rolling Hills trails.

Cattle may become defensive if they feel threatened. Although occurrences are rare, cattle are known to charge and bump.

Please be cautious around cattle:

  • Keep dogs on leash and away from cattle. Cows may become agitated because they can't always distinguish between a dog and a coyote.
  • Don't try to touch or pet cattle. Don't go between a calf and cow. Leave stray calves alone.
  • Keep your distance and walk around herds rather than through them. Give cattle plenty of space and a clear route of escape.
  • If cattle are on the trail ahead, wave your arms and shout well in advance - they will usually disperse.

If you encounter a cow, calf or bull that is acting in a threatening manner or appears to be injured, sick or dead, please keep your distance. Note the location, color of the animal, ear tag number if you can safely see it, and report it to TN Cattle Company at (925) 997-5543.

February 4, 2021 at 12:28am 9 Likes | 0 Comments