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Los Angeles County - Parks & Recreation

Frank G. Bonelli Regional ParkArea


The operator of the Bonelli Bluffs RV Resort & Campground (Bonelli Bluffs) is temporarily allowing public access through their facility while LA County Parks prepares for the construction of the permanent trail re-route. The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health (Public Health) has informed us that many park guests traveling through this area are not adhering to current public health requirements that stipulate face coverings should be worn when outside of your residence (except for ages 2 and younger). It should be noted that this requirement to wear face coverings during activities conducted outside of your own home went into effect as part of the REVISED Safer at Home Order for LA County issued in response to the surge in the pandemic on 12/30/20, and is stricter than previous COVID-19 public health requirements for face coverings while using parks and trails.

Public Health will be conducting periodic visits to the RV Park and surrounding trails to ensure these protocols are enforced. In an effort to help keep our parks and trails open, including the provision for temporary public access through the Bonelli Bluffs, we are asking for cooperation from the community to comply with face-covering requirements and current public health protocols aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you for your cooperation and for spreading the word among trail users utilizing the Bonelli Bluffs’ public access road.

January 20, 2021 at 8:34pm 3 Likes | 0 Comments