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Dayton Inventors River Walk



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Before there was a Silicon Valley, there was Dayton, Ohio. 

As far back as the late 1880s, innovation was happening in Dayton, producing more patents per capita than any place else in the United States. What made it possible for so much innovation? Did this creativity happen because so many ingenious people lived in Dayton or was creativity sparked by seeing others succeed? One thing is for sure, the early history of machinists producing products helped create a friendly environment for innovation. Another important element was the rivers. Our waterways provided an easy means for receiving raw materials or shipping finished goods. The Dayton Inventors River Walk at RiverScape MetroPark highlights many Dayton inventions that make our lives better. As you explore, think of how many of these inventions you use today.

Explore the seven larger than life Invention Stations to learn more about some of the most famous Dayton inventions, then follow the trail of more than 150 brick tiles commemorating innovations dreamed up right here in the Miami Valley that have forever changed our world.