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2022 National Outdoor Recreation Conference

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"Outdoor Recreation: Solutions for Transformation"

The National Outdoor Recreation Conference, held annually by the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals (SORP), showcases innovative and creative approaches to nature-based outdoor recreation research, planning, and management.

Since 1983, SORP has been serving the outdoor recreation profession. It is the nation’s leading association of outdoor recreation and related professionals who strive to protect our natural and cultural resources while providing sustainable recreation access.

The National Outdoor Recreation Conference brings together recreation resource planners, land managers, organizational partners, researchers, consultants, innovators and leaders in outdoor recreation from across the the U.S. and North America. Average conference attendance is ~400, including over 50 presenters. In order to optimize networking opportunities as well as prioritize health and safety of attendees within the conference venue, we plan to cap attendance at 500.

More information on the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professional's website.