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Visitors learn all about amazing insects at Bloomington’s annual Bug Fest! Enjoy various crafts and activities related to all things insect, and complete the Bug Fest passport challenge for the chance to win a prize.

Duties: Share your interest in outdoor education with children! There are five different volunteer roles: Welcome Table, Games/Activities, Crafts, Toddler Area, and Floater.

Welcome Table: Greet attendees, distributes Bug Fest passports, and awarding prizes for passport completion

Games/Activities: Help supervise activities such as Compound Eyes, Ladybugs, Monarch Migration, Insect Games, and Mealworm Races.

Crafts: Assist participants with various insect-themed crafts.

Toddler Area: Assist small children and their families with navigating age-appropriate activities in the play area.

Floater/General Support: Provide extra help/shift relief wherever is needed.

Training: On-site training provided.

Age of Volunteers: 18 yrs. and up

Other: In accordance with Indiana University safety policy, all volunteers must bring photo ID with them at the time of check-in for their shift.