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Published on March 8, 2022

MetroParks Mindfulness Walks

Information provided by

Five Rivers MetroParks

Self-guided Mindfulness Walks are an easy way to improve your mental health outdoors.

Five Rivers MetroParks offers four short, easy Mindfulness Walks where visitors will find signage in the park inviting them to stop and engage in a variety of simple breathing and meditation activities. These mindfulness activities — developed with input from Dayton Children’s and Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services — are designed to help people learn how reduce stress and improve their mental health outdoors.

Research shows just 20 minutes a day immersed in nature significantly lowers stress hormone levels, and benefits also include:

  • Better sleep
  • Enhanced mood and feelings of relaxation
  • Lower depression and anxiety
  • Enhanced cognitive abilities, such as memory, creativity and problem solving
  • Improved self-esteem and relationships
  • Strengthened immunity and a reduction in chronic illnesses, such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes

These outings are just the start. Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere or anytime.