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Published on October 15, 2020

West Alamo Creek Trail

Begins on Stoneleaf Road and Ivy Leaf Springs Road near Quail Run Elementary School and continues along a paved path running parallel to Lucy Lane leading to Bollinger Canyon Road. Hikers will cross Bollinger Canyon Road and head west to the trail marker leading up to Coyote Creek Elementary School. The trail continues along Lilac Ridge Road until turning right just past Laurelspur Loop onto a gravel path heading north towards Crow Canyon Road. The trail is a blend of mostly sidewalks and paved paths meandering through the western edge of Dougherty Valley, consisting of mostly flat ground until crossing Bollinger Canyon Road and proceeding uphill along the edge of Coyote Creek Elementary School. The trail provides an excellent vantage point of viewing the Dougherty Valley. Suitable for walkers, runners, cyclist and strollers.

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