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Published on August 12, 2023

Public Hunters and OuterSpatial: The importance of Checking In/Out Correctly

Aloha all Hawai'i Public Hunters!

This is a quick reminder and cheat sheet to ensure that all public hunters are using the correct electronic check station feature. The data we get from you guys is important and we want to make sure we are gathering the correct picture at each of our hunting areas. 

1. Opening the App, you will have two ways of completing the hunter check station survey. 

    • Large Red Plus Icon (Center): Selecting Hunter Check-inThis will begin the survey form process.  
    • Top menu Bar will read Challenges: by selecting "view challenge details" it will start the same survey.

    2. It is important that you do not "Check-in" by clicking on:

    • Large Red Plus Options
    • Hunting Area Profile
    • Check Station Profiles

    **These profiles are generally found when on the Explore Map and making a selection on an area. 

    3. Selecting a hunting area will always provide the top choice as the unit nearest to you. 

    4. After completing a hunt please remember to check-out and fill out all applicable survey questions.

    5. Keep in mind if you forget to check out, a reminder at 6 pm will notify you to check-out of your hunt. 

    6. Please notify your hunting partners and other friends of the correct process. All data matters! 

    Thank you all for your help and enjoy your public lands!