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Published on June 23, 2023


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Solano County Parks


Solano County Parks and Recreation offers a camp host program at Lake Solano Park, Sandy Beach Park and Belden’s Landing Water Facility. 

The Camp Host is a non-paid volunteer position. 

LAKE SOLANO COUNTY PARK  8685 PLEASANT VALLEY ROAD , WINTERS, CA 95694 OFFICE: (530) 795-2990 FAX: (530) 795-1408

SANDY BEACH COUNTY PARK  2333 BEACH DRIVE , RIO VISTA, CA 94571  OFFICE: (707) 374-2097 FAX: (707) 374-4972

Camp Hosts are often thought of as the "eyes and ears" of campgrounds. They provide supervisors and rangers with information regarding campground facilities, visitor use, wildlife sightings, and safety concerns, but do not take direct action involving law enforcement situations. Hosts may staff ranger stations, provide upkeep of campgrounds, assist with the selection of campsites, and camp registration and fee payment. Camp Hosts live on site in the campground and can volunteer services for either a three-month or six-month period as approved by the Park Ranger Supervisor. Camp Hosts provide their own recreational vehicle or travel trailer. A campground space with electricity, water and sewage connection is provided. 

Camp Hosts are required to complete a camphost application, reference check, and Livescan/fingerprinting.


1. Ability to meet and work with park visitors and paid staff. 

2. Able to pass a background screening conducted by Solano County.

3. Previous experience in camp hosting is desirable but not required.

4. Previous customer service experience is desirable but not required.

5. Recreational vehicle or travel trailer owner with ability to set up and move own equipment. 


1. Agree to commit to set number of hours per day.

2. Meet with Park Ranger Staff regarding daily operations, health and safety issues and maintenance issues.

3. Agree to perform specific duties as discussed with Park Supervisor upon appointment.


1. Meeting and greeting park visitors. 

2. Assist with after office hours campsite registration. 

3. Provide information to the visiting public. 

4. Monitor entry gates and open and close as needed. 

5. Provide the park visitor with rules of the park. 

6. Assist in maintaining the appearance of the park: examples include cleaning restrooms, picking up garbage, mowing, light maintenance. 

7. May be asked to work the entry station to collect fees and assist in other office work. 

8. Contact either Ranger Staff or Solano County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement issues or medical emergencies. At no time should you involve yourself with these issues other than contacting the correct authorities. It is important to remember that, as a Camp Host, your job is to contact the right people to handle law enforcement and medical issues.

9. Sell firewood as available and appropriate