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Wheeler Farm



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    57.67 acres


Wheeler farm is a 54-acre property north of Lincoln Center that was settled in 1717 and farmed for nearly 250 years. A stroll through the former fruit and dairy farm reveals evidence of historic cultivation and orchards. The historic Lexington Road Cemetery also contains the oldest burying ground in Lincoln, the Precinct Cemetery.

Wheeler Farm was placed on the market in 1965. As a result, a group of Lincoln residents formed the Rural Land Foundation (RLF), a nonprofit conservation trust with ability to buy and sell land. The RLF purchased Wheeler Farm and subdivided 11 lots for sale, while transferring 54 acres for conservation to the LLCT. This land transaction is likely the first “limited development” conservation planning strategy in the country, in which private home lots are strategically clustered to ensure the greatest amount of land can be conserved. RLF is nationally recognized for its creative approach to land conservation.

Additional Information

Accessibility Description

Park at Bemis Hall or the Lincoln Library. Walk on Old Lexington Road to the trail entrance. 

The trail follows the edge of Flint Fields. At the end of the fields, the trail diverges into a loop. Take the right fork to walk by the Cemetery. The trail crosses Wheeler Road and heads back towards the center of town and back through the fields. This route is about 2 miles, round-trip. Add an extra half mile if you explore Flint Fields.