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Two Strike County Park



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    8.19 acres

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This beautiful park is a favorite with La Crescenta residents. It has plenty of green space for children to run around and it is a very popular place for family picnics. The greenery of the park makes it a perfect place for wedding pictures. The creation of Two Strike Park was the inspiration of Dennis Morgan. He was a popular movie star of the 1940’s and 50’s who, at the time, was La Crescenta’s honorary mayor and was moved by the plight of children who had nowhere to play. He believed that any child who had to play in the street had two strikes against him, and the third strike could be getting hit by a car. Mr. Morgan staged a series of celebrity ball games to raise funds to build Two Strike Park. In 1949, Mr. Morgan representing Two Strike Series, Inc., offered to donate a 5-acre piece of land for the park if the County would purchase an additional 2-acre to complete the parcel. In 1950, the Board of Supervisors responded by adding an area of 3.54-acre.