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Sunny Cove State Marine Park



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    944.81 acres

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Located on the southwest side of Renard (Fox) Island, fourteen miles south of Seward within Resurrection Bay, Sunny Cove is a popular anchorage and beach camping destination. The cove offers excellent views of Callisto Head, Bear Glacier, and Aialik Cape of Kenai Fjords National Park. The park's 960 Acres encompass the entire south portion of the island, including an unnamed peak of 1,362 feet. With the exception of the Sunny Cove beach, the remainder of the park is characterized by vertical rock cliffs. Several rock arches on the southern tip of the island can be viewed by boat.

Sunny cove is an undeveloped State Marine Park, and there are no established campsites, fresh water sources, or established shelters of any kind. Please prepare accordingly. Camping is restricted to the top level of the beach berm, and is only available when the tide is not at an extreme high.

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Southwest side of Renard (Fox) Island