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Rentschler Forest MetroPark



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    415.57 acres

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About four miles northeast of the City of Hamilton's pretty waterfront and historic downtown, along SR 4, lies the Rentschler Forest MetroPark. The park has over 400 acres that include acres of woodland, about a half-mile frontage along the Great Miami River, remnants of the old Miami-Erie Canal, a prehistoric Indian earthwork, a reconstructed wetland, and ample opportunities for a wide variety of outdoor recreation activities.

Reigart Road area of Rentschler Forest MetroPark is located at 5701 Reigart Road, Fairfield Township, OH 45011.

Line Hill area of Rentschler Forest MetroPark is located at 3620 Hamilton-Middletown Road, Fairfield Township, OH 45011.  Line Hill Mound includes four natural grass practice fields, a pond, and hiking trails through both meadow and forest.

Timberhill area of Rentschler Forest MetroPark is located at 3976 Hamilton-Middletown Road, Fairfield Township, OH 45011. The Timberhill is a  reservable Area at Rentschler Forest Preserve is a 57-acre camping facility dedicated solely to organized youth groups. Timberhill boasts open fields, woodlands, hiking trails, and a multitude of camping amenities perfect for all age groups.

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Dog Walking
Road Biking
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Dogs On Leash
Fishing Permits Required

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Accessibility Description

Rentschler Forest MetroPark - Line Hill Mound Area - level 3 Small paved parking area. There are steep inclines throughout the park that are often muddy with ruts from washouts. All trails are dirt/grass mix.

Rentschler Forest MetroPark - Timberhill Area - level 3 Large paved parking area. Access to several buildings is available via gravel or paved path. Trails are dirt, loose rock and leaves. There are several inclines along trails with stairs and tree roots that are exposed.

Rentschler Forest MetroPark – Reigart Road Area - level 2 Paved parking areas with paved pathway access to flush restrooms, some shelters, and the paved Great Miami River Trail. Not all parts of the park are accessible. Some trails have several inclines that are steep and consist of dirt with narrow passages. There are also several steep drop-offs to creek beds of 5 feet or more. There are also steps made with gravel or stone. Due to ongoing erosion, use caution near edge of Great Miami River.