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Popoia Seabird Sanctuary


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  • Directions

  • Lat/Lng

    21.39982, -157.72057
  • Size

    3.74 acres


Popoia Seabird Sanctuary is 3.67 acres off the coast of Kailua Beach and Lanikai Beach. The ecosystem of the islet is vegetated coral which is utilizied primarily by Wedge-tailed shearwaters (ʻUaʻa Kani), Bulwer's Petrel (ʻOu), and pigeons. ‘Opae‘ula can also be spotted on this islet. 

This islet is accessible to the public, and has a trail that follows the perimeter. Please read the signs when visiting the islet, and encourage other visitors to stay outside the nesting area.

Management and monitoring of this islet is essential for the seabirds that inhabit it. Listed below are the management goals and objectives of this islet:

  1. Manage commercial and recreational activity on islet using signage, commercial permit system, outreach and education to promote habitat and species protection.
  2. Remove invasive weeds, prevent non-native weeds from establishment. Replace removed weeds with native species.
  3. Survey and inventory of seabirds. Shearwater fledglings are counted each year in designated survey plots. Entire islet is counted to track number of fledged Bulwer’s Petrels.
  4. Protect nesting areas by placing rope barriers to establish boundaries for sensitive nesting areas.