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Pismo State Beach



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    1514.18 acres

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Pismo State Beach offers visitors all kinds of attractions: surfing, camping, hiking, swimming and fishing. The beach is popular with bird watchers and the park includes important habitat for over-wintering western monarch butterflies.  Be sure to visit the Oceano Dunes District Visitor Center at the entrance to Oceano Campground on Pier Avenue.  The visitor center is open daily from 12pm-4pm.

Allowed Activities
Wildlife Watching
Horseback Riding
Scuba Diving
Body Surfing
Tent Camping
Rv Camping
Dog Walking
Good For
Rules & Regulation
Dogs Permitted With Restrictions

Additional Information

Accessibility Description


  • North Beach Campground: Campsite(s) 3, 4, 7, 22, 34, 45, 71, and 84 are accessible, including adjacent water stations. All combination restroom/shower buildings in the campground are generally accessible. Routes of travel are accessible and designated accessible parking is often adjacent to the restrooms.
  • Oceano Campground: Campsite(s) 18, 44, 71, and 80 are accessible, including adjacent water stations. Combination restroom/shower building #2, in the RV area, is generally accessible. Toilets are generally accessible and showers are usable. Assistance may be needed reaching shower controls from bench.


  • The Coastal Access Trail is a 1.0 mile trail that connects the North Beach Campground to the Grand Ave beach access parking area. This trail provides coastal and sand dune viewing opportunities and provides an accessible trail route connection to the butterfly grove.  Accessible parking is provided at the Grand Ave beach parking lot and an accessible space located within the North Beach Campground. Accessible restrooms are located at the Grand Ave beach access area.


  • Visitor Center: Opened in 2016, the newly remodeled visitor center features interactive, hands-on exhibits about native people, plants, and animals of the area. The visitor center is fully accessible, including parking, routes, and restrooms.
  • Butterfly Grove: This educational area is compliant with accessible parking and route located within the North Beach Campground area. Monarch butterflies winter in the eucalyptus and Monterey Cypress trees. Check park for further information.


  • A 300-foot paved "Nature Trail” behind the RV section of the camp passes by a native plant garden and some exhibit panels as it winds to an unmarked fishing spot overlooking the lagoon. The fishing overhang has railings 36” high and some benches. The path is accessible and the fishing site and benches are at least usable.

Recommended Clothing

The weather can change quickly. Layered clothing is recommended.


Pismo State Beach is split between the town of Oceano and Grover Beach off Highway 1.

ATV Rentals

Off Highway Vehicle rentals are available within 2 blocks of the park. Off Highway Vehicles are only allowed to be driven at Oceano Dunes SVRA just south of Pismo State Beach.