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OA Wildlife Control Permit Hunting; Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve (Moanalua Section)



Control Hunts currently available to the public:

- Archery-ONLY WCP Application

The Moanalua Section of the Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve offers the opportunity for licensed public hunters to apply for a Wildlife Control Permit (WCP) to aid in the management of feral pigs within the valley. This area is not to be viewed as a Public Hunting Area and requires the completion and approval of a WCP application. The permit contains special conditions and restrictions that allows for certain types of control activities to occur within the Forest Reserve. 

This is a multi-user group area;hunters shall view all marked trails and roads shall serve as SAFETY ZONES; hunting is prohibited in these areas. 

Public Hunters can visit the DOFAW Hunting Web page to gain more information about Hunting in Hawai'i or they can go directly to the Hunt O'ahu page to fill out an application for Wildlife Control Permit. 

1. Hunt O'ahu Web-page (Link for the WCP Application)

2. Division of Forestry and Wildlife Hunting Website

3. Game Mammal Hunting Rules and Exhibits

4. Game Bird Hunting Rules and Exhibits

Allowed Activities
Dog Walking
Rules & Regulation
No Unmanned Aircrafts
No Illegal Substances
Dogs Permitted
Carry Out Trash
No Camping
No Campfires
Dogs Under Voice Control
Dogs Permitted With Restrictions
Dogs On Leash
Pack Out Dog Waste

Additional Information

Accessibility Description

There is no vehicle access allowed for the Archery-Only Permit; all issued permitted hunters must hike into the control area. Public Hunters should avoid using the City and County parking area as that is designed for park users only. Hunters should find legal street parking within the residential area and head to the Kamananui Valley Road/Trail. Hunter can use the trail to enter the back of the valley and can deviate to find suitable ground for control activity.