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Mosquito Cove State Recreation Site



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    154.88 acres

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The Starrigavan Recreation Area is located near the historic community of Sitka. It includes a lovely estuary and features a wide range of recreation facilities including camping and picnic sites, an artesian well, the Estuary Life Trail, Forest and Muskeg trail, and the Mosquito Cove trail.

Estuary Life Trail Highlighting the Starrigavan Recreation Area is the estuary bird viewing shelter and the Estuary Life Trail. The beautifully constructed bird viewing shelter is made of heavy timbers from locally grown trees including Sitka spruce, western hemlock, and Alaska yellow cedar. It is nestled at the edge of the forest overlooking the entire estuary. The shelter is located at the beginning of the quarter-mile long Estuary Life Trail, a boardwalk trail running along the edge of and through the estuary. Estuary vegetation is dominated by Lyngby sedge, Bering hairgrass, and bluejoint grass. During the late spring and early summer, blooming flowers including yellow paintbrush, yarrow, wild geranium, buttercup, chocolate lily, and cinquefoil brighten the upper beach meadows adjacent to the estuary.

Area Managed by the U.S. Forest Service

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From downtown Sitka, drive 7.5 miles north on Halibut Point Road, pass over the bridge crossing the Starrigavan estuary. Turn at the next right for the estuary bird viewing shelter and Forest and Muskeg trail. Turn at the last left before the end of the road and go to the far end of the campground to reach the Mosquito Cove trail.