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Mokuʻaeʻae Rock Islet Seabird Sanctuary



Mokuʻaeʻae Rock Islet is a small islet located 117 meters off the northern coast of Kauaʻi, directly off of Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge (KPNWR). At its highest point, it is 31.7 meters above sea level and consists of a sloping plateaus throughout the island. The majority of vegetation on the islet is native, dominated by ʻĀkulikuli (Sesuvium portulacastrum), ʻĀweoweo (Chenopodium oahuense), Scarlet Spiderling (Boerhavia coccinea), and ʻIhi (Portulaca lutea). The islet is protected as a Hawaiʻi State Seabird Sanctuary, with access prohibited above the high-water mark without a permit and is one of only two islets associated with Kauaʻi. It is considered a priority islet by the Offshore Islet Restoration Committee, a multi-agency group focused on restoring native bird and plant communities on islets across the main Hawaiian island chain. Apart from the visits outlined in this report, the islet is rarely visited by biologists.