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Moku Manu Islets Seabird Sanctuary



Moku Manu Islets Seabird Sanctuary consists of two islets that totals 16.6 acres located off of Mōkapu Peninsula. It has a relatively flat top, averaging about 165 feet in height but running up to 202 feet. The cliffs of Moku Manu drop directly into the sea around more than half of the island. Moku Manu is difficult to access and is closed to the public due to its' status as a Seabird Sanctuary.

Moku Manu is home to the most diverse and one of the densest seabird colonies in the Main Hawaiian Islands. Seabird species such as Wedge-tailed Shearwaters (ʻUʻau Kani), Black Noddy (Noio), Brown Noddy (Noio kōhā), Bulwer's Petrel (ʻOu), Red-tailed Tropicbirds (Koaʻe ʻula), Sooty Terns (‘Ewa ʻEwa), Great Frigatebird (ʻIwa), Christmas Shearwater, Grey-backed Tern (Pākalakala), various Booby species, and various common shorebird species.