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Moku Hala Seabird Sanctuary



Moku Hala is a narrow, steep pyramid shaped columnar basalt rock located west of Moku Mana near Pauwalu Pt., Maui. It’s just 0.2 acres in size and about 55 ft high. The southern side and upper portions of the rock are covered mostly by naupaka (Scaevola taccada) with occasional patches of grass (Digitaria spp.) and sedges (Carex wahuensis). ‘Ākulikuli (Sesuvium portulacastrum) is found lowest / closest to ocean. Wave action prevents plants from growing on the northern side and lower portions.

As with all state Seabird Islet Sanctuaries, visiting Moku Hala is prohibited. They are rare places where seabirds can nest with few or no predators and no large mammals (including humans) trampling and crushing the burrow where they raise their young. Turtles and seals can rest on their tiny shores without harassment and they are havens for native insects and plants without people constantly inadvertently bringing in weed seeds and other alien pests. Respect and admire these places through binoculars, peacefully, from shore.