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Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline



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    757.14 acres


Next to the commercial bustle of Oakland International Airport is a 748-acre park leased from the Port of Oakland, protecting the remainder of a once-extensive marshland at San Leandro Bay

At the intersection of Doolittle Drive and Swan Way is the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Grove, completed with community support and dedicated in 1993. The grove consists of a group of trees surrounding a grassy glade. There is also a brick wall inscribed with donors' names.

The 50-acre Arrowhead Marsh is a stopover on the Pacific Flyway and is part of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network--dogs must be on-leash at all times.

Roger Berry's sculpture "Duplex Cone" traces the sun's summer and winter solstice paths through the sky.

Another part of San Leandro Bay is accessible from a parking lot at the north end of Edgewater Drive. Garretson Point is named in honor of the late Fred Garretson, a Tribune reporter whose stories inspired successful efforts at bayland preservation. Access to Damon Marsh is from Oakport Drive in Oakland.

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Wheelchair access in the park includes parking, curb cuts, paved trails, fishing access, restrooms, drinking fountains, and a marsh overlook platform. The Shoreline Center is wheelchair accessible.