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Manuel F. Correllus State Forest



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    5168.17 acres


A large forest in the center of the island. Walk the trails for great views of the island's woodlands and wildlife. Ride along 14 miles of wooded and paved paths away from island traffic. Play disc-golf at a spot off the Barnes Road. Fire lanes and bridle trails provide opportunities for horseback-riding and mountain biking.

A statue honoring the last habitat of the heath hen can be found by taking a 5-10-minute walk from Gate 18 or 19 on the West Tisbury-Edgartown Road. A type of grouse that was plentiful along the east coast, by 1870, the last few hundred were limited to Martha’s Vineyard. Extinct by 1932, they paved the way for modern-day conservation.

Directions: Parking off the Barnes Road, Edgartown-West Tisbury Road, and Old County Road in West Tisbury.

Allowed Activities
Mountain Biking
Road Biking

Additional Information


on leash at all times

Disc golf

off the Barnes Road