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Kuli‘ou‘ou Forest Reserve



On the Southeast area of the district of Honolulu, Oahu, the Kuli‘ou‘ou Forest Reserve was first designated on February 13, 1914, by Governorʻs Proclamation, and currently consists of approximately 215 acres. It delivers a diverse opportunity for recreational activities. The switchbacks pass through a section reforested in 1934-35 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. CCC crews planted hundreds of Formosa koa and thousands of logwood trees along the slopes of Kuli`ou`ou Valley to reduce water runoff and thus erosion. The workers undoubtedly built a rudimentary trail network to access the planting areas, but volunteers and the staff of Na Ala Hele, the state trail program, constructed the current alignment in 1991-92.

Allowed Activities
Rifle Hunting
Bow Hunting
Rules & Regulation
Dogs Permitted
No Illegal Substances
No Unmanned Aircrafts

Additional Information

Accessibility Description


  1. First try to click on the “Get Directions” icon at the top of this page. If you are taking TheBus, click on the "Transit" icon at the top of the search bar. You may need to change the starting address to your current location. Clicking on TheBus link provided below will also take you to TheBus website.
  2. If driving from Kalanianaole Highway heading east, take a left on Kuliouou Street. Drive mauka towards the back of the valley. Follow the curve to the left, and take a right on Kuli‘ou‘ou Road. Proceed mauka (towards the mountains) on this road, turn right on Kala‘au Place. Find street parking along Kala‘au Place. Do not park at the end of the cul-de-sac where it says "No parking". Proceed on foot to the end of the road and past the cable gate on the access road. The trail begins on the right of the access road at the hunter/hiker check in station.

Parking: !!!PLEASE READ!!! When accessing this trail please be respectful to the trail head community by keeping noise down, not littering and parking responsibly. Do not use any trail or access road that is not delineated by name and color and that may also be displayed on these maps. The marked features are managed for public recreational use. Other trails or roads that branch off from the public features may be on private property, and are not managed for any public recreational use. Access is subject to adjacent landowner approval, and if used without authorization, you will be trespassing and possibly putting yourself at risk.


Kuli'ou'ou Valley Trail

  1. Details
  2. Length (one way): 1.5 mi / 2.41 km - Elevation Change: 300 ft / 91.44 m

Kuli'ou'ou Ridge Trail

  1. Details
  2. Length (one way): 2.5 mi / 4.02 km - Elevation Change: 2,000 ft / 609.6 m

    Please check out the Hawaii Trails Website for more details on this hike and others:


    Kuli'ou'ou Forest Reserve-

    1. Hunting Unit - D
    2. Game Mammals to be Taken - Feral Pigs and Feral Goats
    3. Means of Take - Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Knives, Spears, Archery, Hunting Dogs Permitted
    4. Bag Limits - Two pigs and two goats per hunter per day. No season limit.
    5. Open Hunting Periods - Year Round
    6. Open Hunting Days - Saturday, Sunday, and State Holidays

    More hunting information for game mammals can be found on Exhibit 3.

    Helpful Links:

    Oahu Hunting Webpage

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    Game Mammal Hunting Rules (Ch. 123)