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Kingsbury Timber - Chippewa Trail Lot



The Kingsbury Timber - Chippewa Trail Lot abuts both the White Mountain National Forest and Black Mountain State Forest. It has extensive frontage on the North Branch Oliverian Brook and contains several other smaller seasonal streams. The property’s forest is largely comprised of red and white pine with lesser areas of spruce, fir, white birch and sugar maple. The property contains large areas of raspberries and an old apple orchard that offer great soft mast for wildlife. Forest Society staff have observed signs of bear, moose, turkey and deer. It’s hard not to fall in love with this tract, which is easily accessible yet remote, contains excellent wildlife habitat and great recreational opportunities, and provides some of the best views around.

The Chippewa trail offers a hike that varies in intensity: the beginning is mild, but it quickly becomes an invigorating uphill quest for the summit. Surrounding the trail are small vernal pools, and running down the center of the trail is a slight stream laden with stepping stones that make it easy for hikers to stay dry. As you get closer to the top, the ground gives way to smooth granite streaked with quartz. Nearing the top, the trail veers slightly apart from the trees, providing an unobstructed view of the skyline and hills. The views are beautiful all year round but are particularly breathtaking in autumn when the trees are alight with color.

    Help us care for this property by following these guidelines during your visit:

    • This property is open dawn to dusk
    • Carry out all trash
    • Dogs must remain under control and owners must pack out all dog waste
    • No motorized wheeled vehicles
    • No camping
    • No campfires
    • Hunting and fishing are allowed
    • Leave natural and cultural features undisturbed

    Allowed Activities
    Dog Walking
    Wildlife Watching
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    Open dawn to dusk

    Visitor Use Guidelines

    Full list of use guidelines available HERE

    Winter Access

    Please note that this property may be difficult to access in winter due to winter roadside parking bans and/or unplowed parking areas.