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Kālepa Mountain Forest Reserve



Nounou and Kālepa Forest Reserves (FR) together comprise approximately 1,393 acres of public land, and are located on the eastern side of Kaua‘i. Nounou FR lies to the north of Kālepa FR, separated by the Wailua River which is part of the Wailua River State Park.

 Kālepa Forest Reserve was established by Governor’s Proclamation in 1944, also for the purpose of reforestation. There was very severe erosion occurring on the windward side of the ridge. Kālepa Forest Reserve is generally characterized by steep, lower-mesic forested slopes. Vegetation is primarily non-native species, although there is some native vegetation in the upper areas.

There are no public trails in Kālepa FR.

Allowed Activities
Mountain Biking
Rules & Regulation
Dogs Permitted
No Unmanned Aircrafts
No Illegal Substances

Additional Information

Additional Use

  1. Hunting: DOFAW manages public hunting on all forest reserve lands on Kaua‘i by the regulation of hunting seasons, bag limits, and hunting methods. These two forest reserves are not part of any hunting unit, and hunting is not allowed in these two areas. General hunting regulations can be found in Chapter 121, HAR. Rule regulating game bird hunting can be found in Chapter 122, HAR, and rule regulating game mammal hunting can be found in Chapter 123, HAR. The Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) enforces hunting regulations. Nounou and Kālepa Forest Reserves contain two of the four possible Game Animal management classes (Figure 5) according to DOFAW’s Draft Management Guidelines: A-2 Mixed Game and Other Uses, and A-3 Game Control (public). Approximately 724 acres of A-3 managed area exists in Nounou FR, and 670 acres of A-2 managed area exists in Kālepa FR. A-2 areas are 23 designated where game management is an objective integrated with other uses. Habitat may be manipulated for game enhancement (game bird). Game populations are managed to acceptable levels using public hunting. A-3 areas are designated where resource protection is the primary objective, with emphasis on native plant communities and watersheds. DOFAW is currently in the process of updating its Management Guidelines.
  2. Camping: Camping is not allowed in either Nounou or Kālepa Forest Reserve.
  3. Fishing: No fishing opportunities are available in these two forest reserves.
  4. Hiking: There are three Nā Ala Hele hiking trails in Nounou FR but none in the Kālepa FR. See section G: Access for more details.
  5. Horseback Riding: Horseback riding is allowed on the Nā Ala Hele Kuamo‘o-Nounou trail in the Nounou FR. See section G: Access for more details.
  6. Dirt Bikes, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Mountain Bikes: Dirt bikes and ATVs are not allowed in either Nounou or Kālepa FRs. Non-motorized mountain bikes may be used on Kuamo‘o-Nounou Trail.