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Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park



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    135.17 acres


The park preserves the largest collection of bedrock mortars in North America.

This special park allows visitors to learn about the indigenous people who have inhabited the area for centuries. The Chaw'se Regional Indian Museum reflects the architecture of the traditional Roundhouse and exhibits basketry, feather regalia, jewelry, arrow points, as well as other tools and objects. Visit a reconstructed Miwok village, the Roundhouse (hun'ge), and the limestone grinding rock. Guests view the mortar cups (chaw'se) and petroglyphs from above on a raised boardwalk. Stay in one of the shaded campsites and take time to explore the 135-acre park, the wildlife and many native plants.

Offering a unique opportunity to learn about Miwok life, the environmental group camp consists of seven bark houses in a secluded area of the park. 22 developed sites are available on the south side of the park, two accessible sites available.

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Additional Information

Accessibility Description

Camping: Two campsites are accessible (#7 and #13), including parking and routes. An accessible route from site #7 connects to the combination restroom/shower building. An accessible water station is nearby site #13. The combo building is accessible and includes dedicated accessible parking.

Trails: The North Trail ‘out-and-back’ accessible that is 0.62 miles each way. The accessible segment begins at the main parking area near the amphitheater and ends at a seating area located near the junction of the North Trail and the Loop Trail. The accessible segment includes a trestle bridge crossing over Else Creek, views of the Historic Farmhouse, and a hike through a mixed hardwood forest. The surface is compacted soil. The trail is generally flat at less than 5% slopes with intermittent sections between 5% to 11%. Accessible parking is located at the parking area.


Chaw’se Regional Indian Museum: The museum is generally accessible. Most of the exhibit areas are accessibly designed and located. Accessible restrooms are located on the exterior of the museum, on the lower floor. An accessible paved path leads from the museum and its restrooms to the picnic area and some of the exhibits, including the Bedrock Mortar and Petroglyphs, and toward the Ceremonial Roundhouse. The campfire center, adjacent to the museum, is on an accessible route and includes seating for wheelchairs.

Bedrock Mortar and Petroglyphs: Visitors may view the mortars and petroglyphs from an accessible wood observation deck a few feet above the rocks.

Ceremonial Roundhouse: An accessible path constructed of compacted aggregate extends to within 50 feet of the roundhouse. Native soil connects the accessible path to the threshold of the roundhouse. The roundhouse serves as the focus of traditional dances and ceremonies held by local Miwok and other California tribes, and is only open to the public twice a year during certain celebrations. The remainder of the year the interior may be viewed only through a barred door.


Only allowed in campground. Dogs must be on a maximum 6-foot leash at ALL times and physically under your control.

Visit for additional information. Please be aware of all regulations before bringing your fur friend to State Parks.