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Howard Buford Recreation Area


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  • Directions

  • Lat/Lng

    44.00700, -122.96856
  • Size

    2224.49 acres



The Howard Buford Recreation Area (HBRA), also known as Buford Park, is the crown jewel of the Lane County Parks system.  Its 2,200 acres encompass a variety of landscapes and ecosystems, from floodplains and bottomland forests of the Coast Fork of the Willamette River, to wet meadows, to rare oak savanna, to dense evergreen forests, to the summit of Mt. Pisgah.

Twenty-five miles of trails traverse the HBRA, offering a wide range of views, experiences, and challenges including relatively level meandering strolls to steep hill climbs or runs, wide open prairie trails to narrow single-track through forested areas.  Hiking, trail running, and wildlife viewing can be enjoyed on all trails in the park, while the eastern part of the trail systems also welcomes equestrian use.

Trail surfaces range from gravel, to wood chips, to bare earth.  Also of note, the HBRA's trail system includes all trails at the 209-acre Mount Pisgah Arboretum, which lies within the HBRA.

Please check Trail Maps located at Trailhead Kiosks for more information on permitted trail uses, and please use only sanctioned or official trails.  You will notice unofficial or "rogue" trails at several places in the park.

While it may be tempting to "shortcut" other trails or explore rogue trails, we ask that you please stay on official trails.  Unofficial or "rogue" trails damage our park's habitat through trampling of native plants and wildflowers and disturbance of birds' ground nesting areas. Rogue trails also increase erosion, spread seeds of invasive plants, and increase maintenance needs and costs.

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Dog Walking
Trail Running
Wildlife Watching
Horseback Riding
Rules & Regulations
Dogs Under Voice Control
No Biking
No Motorized