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Hayward Regional Shoreline



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    775.65 acres

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Hayward Regional Shoreline consists of 1,841 acres of salt, fresh, and brackish water marshes, seasonal wetlands, and public trails.

Cogswell Marsh, a 250-acre tidal marsh restoration and enhancement project, was completed in 1980. This area, once restored to tidal action, rapidly became an established saltwater marsh.

    Hayward Marsh, completed in 1985, is a 145-acre fresh and brackish water marsh and is somewhat unusual in that it relies on secondary treated effluent as the freshwater source. The marsh is made up of five managed ponds and has 15 islands that are utilized by many species of nesting birds. Flow through the five basins is controlled by a series of weirs, valves, and channels, and allows for great flexibility in operation, management, and biological research.

    Oro Loma Marsh was constructed in 1997 and consists of a 364-acre tidal marsh with seasonal wetlands and transitional uplands.

    Hayward Shoreline has five miles of graveled public trails along the shoreline.

    Levees were originally built in Hayward and San Lorenzo to create land for salt production, Landings were established in the 1850s to ferry passengers and move salt and agricultural products to San Francisco. Remnants of timbers at landing sites along the trail can be seen from the mudflats at low tide.

    In order to protect wildlife, dogs are not allowed south of the West Winton Avenue flood control channel.

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    There is one disabled parking stall at the Grant Ave staging area and 2 at the West Winton Ave staging area. In addition, there is a wheelchair accessible drinking fountain at the West Winton Ave. staging area.