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Harmony Oaks Conservation Area



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    91.20 acres



Harmony Oaks Conservation Area is a 90-acre tract that contains coastal hammock, freshwater wetlands, and mangrove swamp. This mixture of habitats provides refuge for numerous wildlife species, including osprey, wading birds, songbirds, and abundant herpetofauna. The eastern boundary of the conservation area abuts the Indian River Lagoon, and preservation of this tract helps to protect water quality by priding a buffer to runoff from nearby development.

Land management activities were initiated by the County and included removal of Brazilian pepper within the freshwater wetlands. This species is an extremely aggressive plant, and it will require many additional treatments before it is under control. Currently there is a trail that meanders through the freshwater wetlands and coastal hammock on-site. The County plans to permit and construct a series of boardwalks that will cross a narrow portion of mangroves and ultimately connect to a nearby mosquito control road. This road in turn continues east, and ultimately runs parallel with the shoreline of the Indian River lagoon. A planned observation point along the Lagoon, and another within a nearby mangrove pond, will provide a scenic vista where pelicans, wading birds, osprey, and other species can be readily enjoyed. The conservation area is a designated Great Florida Birding Trail (

Currently there is only limited parking at the entrance to the conservation area. The County is pursuing permitting and construction of additional parking nearby. We encourage the public to enjoy observing wildlife and learning about our conservation efforts, but please remember to leave only footprints on site!  Must pack out trash.

Address 2205 7th Ave SE, Vero Beach

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Wildlife Watching
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Carry Out Trash
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