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Gaviota State Park



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    2711.44 acres

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The coastal bluffs at Gaviota State Park reveal a 500-foot-thick cross-section of the geographically extensive Monterey Formation. Offshore and inland, petroleum geologists have extensively explored underground for oil reservoirs within this rock sequence and probed its depths to understand the genesis of this important oil source. The naturally cemented, bluff faces resist wave erosion and are tilted to display multiple layers like the pages of a book. The geologic layers contain some nicely preserved fossils, even the complete skeleton of a halibut-like fish.

Allowed Activities
Horseback Riding
Scuba Diving
Dog Walking
Rv Camping
Body Surfing
Stand-up Paddling
Tent Camping
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Rules & Regulation
Dogs Permitted With Restrictions
Dogs On Leash

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Accessibility Description

Gaviota State Park


A popular spot for swimming, picnicking and surf fishing, Gaviota State Park is located off route 101, 33 miles west of Santa Barbara. A pier on the west end of the beach is used by anglers and scuba divers, and surfers use use a boat hoist on the pier to access the waters of the Santa Barbara Channel. A steep trail leads hikers to upland portions of the park. Camping on a first-come, first-served basis in a small campground accommodates tents or trailers up to 25'. Winter flooding may occasionally close park. Phone (805) 968-1033 for more information.

March 2014: The pier is closed until further notice due to severe damage from recent storms.

Picnic Area

The day-use area includes beach access, pier access, park store, restrooms, picnic area, and picnic tables on the beach. There are 5 accessible picnic tables and barbecues adjacent to the park store. The accessible restroom includes an outdoor rinsing shower. There is an accessible route to the beach with accessible tables. These tables are not anchored and can be moved if needed. Call ahead for additional information.

Beach/Shore Access

A beach wheelchair is available. Contact the Camp Host at site #38 to reserve it.

Other Information

Combination restrooms with showers in campground have accessible toilets and usable showers. The showers may require assistance reaching controls from folding benches.

Additional Visitor Services

  • Parks and Recreation Management, Inc. dba Channel Coast Camp Stores (Beach stores at Gaviota, El Capitan, Refugio SB)
  • D2 Global Enterprises, Inc. dba 101 RV Rentals (Camp trailer rentals)

RV Rental Delivery Policy

Trailers may be rented from 101 RV Rental Concession. This is the only permitted business for delivery of RVs in this state park. For any questions contact Channel Coast District office at (805) 585-1850.101 RV Rental 805-210-7391