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Ferguson Dog Park



Ferguson Dog Park (18.7 acres) is located at 4300 N Stone Mill Rd. near the intersection of Old State Road 37 and Stone Mill Road. The park is accessible from Lower Cascades Park via the Cascades Park Trail. The Ferguson Dog Park is approximately one mile from the Sycamore Shelter at Lower Cascades Park.

Ferguson Dog Park is CLOSED every Tuesday from 6 a.m. until noon for routine maintenance.

The Ferguson Dog Park includes two fenced areas, one for use by large dogs and one for small dogs. A drinking fountain with dog drinking bowl and dog wash stations are open seasonally; water service is typically turned off during the cooler months. Picnic tables and a shade structure are located in the large dog area.

A Porta John is available at the Ferguson Dog Park parking lot. Dog waste bags are provided at various locations around the park. Be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your pet.

For more information about the Ferguson Dog Park, contact the City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department at 812.349.3700 or e-mail

If you need to report a dog fight or bite, contact the City of Bloomington Animal Control at 812.349.3492 or report an issue online.

Bloomington Parks and Recreation Park Property Rules

Allowed Activities
Dog Walking
Good For
Rules & Regulation
Dogs Permitted
No Illegal Substances
No Campfires
No Camping
No Horses
No Motorized
Pack Out Dog Waste

Additional Information

Accessibility Description

  • Unpaved parking lot
  • Bathroom

Ferguson Dog Park Rules

Our goal is to foster a safe area where dogs are socialized to have good manners. Always be considerate of others and help make your dog park an enjoyable, healthy, educational place for dogs and their owners.

If a dog fight or bite occurs, contact the City of Bloomington Animal Control at (812) 349-3492 to report the incident.

The Ferguson Dog Park is for dogs and their owners/handlers only. Other types of animals are prohibited.

The following are not allowed in the dog park: rawhides, food (dog or human), glass containers, alcoholic beverages, or smoking. Small training treats only are allowed.

Humans at the Ferguson Dog Park

  • Dog owners/handlers are legally responsible for the actions of their dog(s). Any damages resulting from any dog's behavior at the Ferguson Dog Park are attributable to the dog's individual owner/handler.
  • Owners/handlers are expected to comply with all applicable ordinances, regulations and laws governing dogs.
  • The City of Bloomington does not supervise visitors at the Ferguson Dog Park, and therefore dog park patrons are individually responsible for guarding against the risks posed by unleashed dogs.
  • Violators of these rules are subject to immediate removal from the dog park.
  • Maximum two dogs per individual.
  • Owners/handlers must carry a leash for their dog(s) at all times.
  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Clean up after your dog. Poop scoop bags and a waste receptacle are available on the premises for your convenience.
  • Owners/handlers must remain in control and in sight of their dog(s) at all times. Do not leave dogs unattended.
  • Please fill in any holes your dog might dig.

Dogs at the Ferguson Dog Park

  • Puppies under four months of age may not use the park.
  • Dogs must be spayed/neutered to use the Ferguson Dog Park.
  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed. If your dog displays an aggressive temperament, please keep him or her at home. Any dog declared Potentially Dangerous or Vicious by either the City of Bloomington Animal Care & Control Commission or Monroe County Animal Care & Control Commission is prohibited from using the dog park.
  • Tennis balls only. Other types of dog toys cause fights.
  • Dogs must be up to date on all required vaccinations, which include rabies, Bordetella, and distemper/parvovirus combo vaccines. If your dog is sick please do not bring him or her to the dog park.

How to Use the Ferguson Dog Park

  • Enter the double-gated transition area only if there are no other dogs or people in it.
  • Once in the transition area, remove your dog's leash. Dogs may feel threatened if they are leashed in the presence of unleashed dogs.
  • Once you and your dog(s) have entered the park, move away from the entrance to help disperse dogs that have come over to welcome the newcomers.

IU Health Stream Mitigation at Ferguson Dog Park

To fulfill the stream mitigation requirements made necessary by impacts to streams at the IU Health Bloomington Hospital Regional Academic Health Center site in Bloomington, IU Health proposed to enhance the existing swale located on the southern perimeter of the Ferguson Dog Park. This project created and enhanced 1.5 acres of riparian corridor north of the swale, and .75 acres of forested riparian corridor south of the swale.

The project was completed in October 2018. In all, contractors planted 498 native trees, 204 native shrubs, and native flowers and grasses. The project also included the removal of a number of noxious or invasive plant species.

IU Health is responsible for successful establishment and operation of the mitigation site, and has assumed all financial responsibility for the successful installation and maintenance of the mitigation site for five consecutive years, until 2023 or until regulatory signoff is granted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.