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Farrar Pond



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    150.37 acres


Farrar Pond is an 88-acre pond in the southwestern corner of Lincoln. A wooded trail offers winding scenic vistas along the southern shoreline.

Farrar Pond was originally a low-lying hay field called Oaky Bottom. In the early 1900s, Edward R. Farrar flooded Oaky Bottom to create the pond we see today. Recognizing the area’s conservation value and the appeal for development, the Town, a residential developer, and the LLCT created an open space and development plan for the Pond in the 1970s. These proactive planning measures allowed development on the upland sections of the pond and ensured conservation along the pond’s shoreline.

Additional Information

Accessibility Description

Parking is available at Canoe Landing on Route 117 (also provides access to Mount Misery). Park here and walk west along Route 117 for fifty feet. Turn left into the driveway entrance to 17 South Great Road. Follow the driveway to the trail entrance at the end. Do not park in the driveway.

Please note that Farrar Pond is privately owned and is not accessible for public fishing or boating. The trails around the pond are open to the public for hiking.