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Entry Cove State Marine Park



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    1194.54 acres

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Entry Cove is undeveloped and unmaintained.** Entry Cove State Marine Park is located at the tip of the peninsula, between Passage Canal and Pigot Bay. The majority of the park is comprised of forested lowlands with scattered muskegs. The south-facing Entry Cove is connected to a shallow lagoon by a narrow entrance. Most of the shoreline is comprised of low rocky cliffs with scattered gravel pocket beaches.

The camp area at the head of Entry Cove has a capacity for about ten tents. The camping surface is flat beach rock among live and dead standing hemlock. A few of the tent sites on the western side of the camp area are on moss. Collecting water from the pond for drinking and cooking is not recommended as the pond is contaminated.

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Tent Camping

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Tip of peninsula between Pigot Bay and Passage Canal