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Encinitas Viewpoint Park


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Conveniently located just blocks from the ocean, across from the Encinitas Library and adjacent to the Encinitas Civic Center, Viewpoint park makes for a great park visit.  The upper part of the park boasts expansive ocean views, a turf area, picnic and seating areas.  A great spot for yoga and to relax.  The lower park area includes a recently renovated playground, a large turf area and has limited off-leash dog hours.  Parking is on-street.  There are no restrooms at this park.

Park hours 5am - 10pm

Children's Play Area

Picnic Facilities

No Restrooms

On-Street Parking

No Alcohol

Off-leash dog hours are Monday, Wednesday Friday and Sunday 6am - 9am and 3pm - 8pm

Special Events permits available for Limited Special Ceremonies

Good For
Rules & Regulations
Dogs Permitted With Restrictions

Additional Information

General Park Information

Park hours are 5am - 10pm unless stated otherwise. Beach parkingand amenities hours are 5am - 10pm. Beach is closed 2am - 4am. Please no glasscontainers, polystyrene food containers or smoking allowed at City parks,beaches and trails. Dogs must be on a leash at all times unless otherwise noted.

Allparks are available on a first come, first served basis. Special Event andSpecial Ceremony Permits are available for select locations (see specific siteinformation below). More information on special permits is available on the Rentals andReservations page. Please call (760) 633-2740 to check foravailability.

City of Encinitas Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department

The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department isresponsible for a wide range of services for the City including recreationprograms, city-wide special events, park, beach and recreational trailmaintenance, management of open space, streetscape maintenance, animalservices, and oversight of the administration of the Encinitas Ranch GolfAuthority.

TheParks, Beaches and Trails Division is responsible for the maintenance andrepair of all parks, beach and trail facilities, including 10 miles ofstreetscapes, 82 acres of open space, 153 acres of both developed andundeveloped parks, 45 acres of beaches, and over 40 miles of trails. We hopethat you enjoy getting out and exploring Encinitas’ trails and beautiful openspaces.