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Elk Creek MetroPark


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    39.51960, -84.45937
  • Size

    787.62 acres

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Located in Madison Township, Elk Creek MetroPark, with over 800 acres, is the largest park in MetroParks.

Located at 5101 Circle Parkway, Middletown, OH, the Meadow Ridge area of Elk Creek MetroPark is a beautifully restored 456.3 acre parcel of land. 

Located at 5580 Elk Creek Road, Middletown, OH, the Sebald area of Elk Creek MetroPark is  352 acres, which includes 10 shelters and is home to the only horse trail within MetroParks.

This beautiful natural setting provides views of the wooded hills and rolling meadows forming the walls of the creek valley while the open lawn areas of the park serve as recreation space for park customer/owners using the park’s 10 covered picnic shelters and multiple playgrounds for children. Hiking trails are routed throughout the woods and along Elk Creek, which runs the length of the park.

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Accessibility Description

Elk Creek MetroPark – Meadow Ridge - level 2 Large paved parking area with accessible portable toilet and kiosk. Trails are mostly paved but some sections are crushed gravel. The trails traverse rolling topography and feature some moderate inclines. The paved trails are narrow and the paved surface is broken up in some areas.

Elk Creek MetroPark – Sebald Park Area – level 3 Large paved parking areas. There is one accessible playground with direct access to paved parking.  Other areas are dirt/grass/gravel mix. Shelters often lack paved pathway connections to parking. Restrooms are located away from parking area and may be difficult to reach without assistance. Trails are often muddy due to tree cover preventing them from drying.