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Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park



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    1675.28 acres


Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Parks are two adjoining parks from former 19th Century ranches. The Park District has preserved the history of the parks and expanded both over the years with ecologically and historically significant ridges, trails, and open spaces. The combined parks now encompass over 5,800 acres of open space and more than 35 miles of trails through narrow valleys and rolling hills with panoramic views of the Bay Area.

"This is Dry Creek and we bid you welcome.

Famed in the early 1880s for the spirit of gaiety that reigned here on festival days, guests poured in from the rural districts of the whole county to greet their friends and make merry.

And so today, we pray you to maintain with us that holiday spirit; leave care and worry behind you; enjoy the beauties of nature here in your midst; and pause for a moment in your rush through life to give thanks to the great artist who painted this ever-changing picture of the hills and fields and streams."

--Edith Meyers, of the Meyers Ranch Family

Allowed Activities
Dog Walking
Horseback Riding
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Accessibility Description

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are located in the restroom building by the Garin Barn. A wheelchair-accessible chemical toilet is located near Jordan Pond. Accessible drinking fountains are located throughout the picnic area. The service roads around the meadows and picnic areas at Garin are wheelchair accessible and total between 0.25 and 0.5 miles in length. Disabled-accessible parking is available at the Garin parking lot at the end of Garin Avenue in Hayward, and at the Dry Creek Garden parking lot at the end of May Road in Union City.