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Donas J. & Margaret Reney Memorial Forest



Hiking through the Donas J. and Margaret Reney Memorial Forest, you’ll have opportunity to enjoy nature and also to gain some insights into the life cycles of trees. Mature trees of pine, oak, ironwood, birch, maple, and moretower over much of the trail. Yet past the snowmobile path and stonewall, you’ll find yourself wading through pines that are just knee-high; this area was logged in 2005, and these tiny trees are the resulting new growth.

Keep an eye to the ground in the most recently cleared section of the forest, and you’ll notice considerable patches of dull, flattened grass that are, presumably, the favored sleeping places of moose or deer. The trail is speckled, from start to finish, with deer and moose tracks (or, more conspicuously, their droppings), and if you tread lightly, eyes and ears sharpened, you may just spot one.

Small granite boulders covered in vibrant green lichen and moss are scattered throughout the trail, and a variety of mushrooms and colorful fungi can be found underfoot. If it’s a damp day, be aware of where you step – the trail is home to tiny, inexplicably cute red efts. If a scenic view interests you, the beautiful landscape of Grantham Mountain can be observed from the steep part of the trail just past the clearing.

Help us care for this property by following these guidelines during your visit:

· This property is open dawn to dusk

· Carry out all trash

· Dogs must remain under control and owners must pack out all dog waste

· No motorized wheeled vehicles

· No camping

· No campfires

· Hunting and fishing are allowed

· Leave natural and cultural features undisturbed

Allowed Activities
Cross Country Skiing
Dog Walking
Good For

Additional Information

Accessibility Description

Parking is not plowed in winter, so access to this property may be limited in winter months.