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Deeds Point MetroPark



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    2.99 acres



This small MetroPark provides an unobstructed and picturesque view of the downtown Dayton skyline, embraced by the beauty of nature.

It’s the perfect spot to unwind at the end of the day, watching the sunset over the city on one of the park’s swings or benches amidst floral displays. It’s also the best place to catch the giant RiverScape Fountains of Light between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Located at the convergence of the Great Miami and Mad Rivers and the paved trails that run along them, the park is a scenic and popular stop for runners, cyclists and paddlers — not to mention local wildlife.

Allowed Activities
Dog Walking
Fly Fishing
Road Biking
Wildlife Watching
Good For
Rules & Regulation
Dogs On Leash

Additional Information

Accessibility Description

All amenities of the park are accessible, including parking areas. There are no restrooms at this facility.

Great Miami River Trail

The paved Great Miami River Trail runs through the park and connects to the region’s network of more than 330 miles, the nation’s largest paved trail network. Deeds Point offers a great place to stop, with drinking water, benches and swings.

Learn more about the Great Miami River Trail.

Buckeye & North Country Trail

The Buckeye and North Country Trails pass through Deeds Point. This section of the Buckeye Trail is part of a 1,440-mile continuous loop that encircles Ohio. The North Country National Scenic Trail stretches across seven states and will be 4,600 miles long when completed. These trails provide long-distance hiking combined with links to access historical and scenic features. Learn more about the BT/NCT.

Great Miami River Water Trail

The Great Miami River is perfect for paddlers and offers miles of beautiful streamside forests. It was designated as a state water trail in 2010. It flows through Taylorsville, Island, Deed’s Point, RiverScape and Sunrise MetroParks as well as a few protected conservation areas. New whitewater features, called the RiverScape River Run, are further downstream downtown.

Learn more about the Great Miami River Water Trail