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Cascades Golf Course



Cascades Golf Course (221.2 acres) is located at 3350 N Kinser Pike. Cascades is fun, fair, and fast to play, with just the right amount of challenge so you can focus on your game! Cascades Golf Course is conveniently located on the north side of Bloomington, just minutes from downtown and the IU Campus. Why spend your limited time and more money playing golf anywhere else?

The Golf Course consists of three nine-hole courses, which can be combined to create three separate 18-hole configurations.

  • Quarry Course-The oldest of the three courses, dating back to 1928. The Quarry Course is a par-35, playing a maximum of 2,995 yards.
  • Pine Course-Constructed in 1931, the Pine Course is a par-36, playing a maximum of 3,135 yards.
  • Ridge Course-The newest course, opened in 2000. The Ridge Course is a par-36 which plays a maximum of 3,086 yards.


Onsite pro shop, tournament and outing services, concessions, driving range and putting green. Youth and adult golf leagues are available for all skill levels, as well as golf lesions by the on-site golf pro.

Beer and soft drinks are available for purchase at Cascades Golf Course. Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission regulations prohibit individuals from bringing their own alcoholic beverages onto the golf course.

Reserve a tee time at Cascades Golf Course

Report a problem at the Cascades Golf Course here.

Bloomington Parks and Recreation Park Property Rules

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Rules & Regulation
No Dogs
No Illegal Substances
No Campfires
No Camping
No Horses
No Motorized
Pack Out Dog Waste

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Cascades Golf Course COVID Protocols

Cascades Golf Course remains OPEN daily, from dawn until dusk, with the following precautions:

Cascades Golf Course has ample space for physical distancing. All golfers are required to observe physical distancing of at least 6 feet away from other people at all times.

  1. Golf cart use is limited to one person per cart, unless two riders are members of the same immediate family.
  2. AS OF APRIL 1, 2020, payments for greens fees, concessions, etc. may be paid ONLY by credit/debit card; we will no longer accept cash. Again, it's a way to further protect our customers and staff by reducing the number of touchpoints.

Other precautions underway at Cascades Golf Course include:

  1. Tee times are required. This regulates gathering or first-come, first-served type service and creates a steady flow of traffic. Reserve a tee time online or call the Cascades Golf Course pro shop at 812.349.3764.
  2. Foam inserts have been installed in each cup on the green. Please do not remove the flagstick when putting. This helps with no contact on commonly touched areas.
  3. Bunker rakes have been removed. Please use your foot to smooth the sand out to the best of your ability.
  4. Doors are propped open to mitigate surface contact.
  5. All retail counter space and items are regularly disinfected. The timing depends on traffic amount.
  6. Building occupancy is limited to 6 customers at one time.
  7. Driving range ball bucket handles are wiped down after every use.

Cascades Golf Course Rules

USGA rules govern all play, except as noted below:

  1. Out of Bounds - Defined by white stakes and boundary chain link fence. Proceed under Rule 27-1.
  2. Lateral Water Hazards - Defined by red stakes. Proceed under Rule 26.
  3. Water Hazards defined by yellow stakes. Proceed under Rule 26.
  4. Slow players allow faster players to play through. Foursomes have precedence over other groups. Please extend this courtesy.
  5. Yardage markers are to center of greens.
  6. Sleeved shirts and shoes are required on the course (non-aggressive soles).
  7. Each player must have their own clubs.Inquire at the Pro Shop about renting a bag of clubs if you don't have your own.
  8. Only two riders per cart. Driver must have drivers license.
  9. All employees are authorized to enforce all course rules.


  • Repair ball marks, rake bunkers and replace divots.
  • Keep carts at least 30 feet from all tees and greens.
  • Follow all posted signs and roped areas.