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American River Parkway - Upper Sunrise Area



The upstream portion of the Sunrise Recreation Area extends from the Sunrise Boulevard Bridge to Hazel Avenue, excluding the State Department of Fish and Game Region Headquarters and the Nimbus Fish Hatchery. Situated on 397 acres, it is a relatively narrow strip of land, heavily wooded, and it includes plant species not found lower on the Parkway. Additionally, a state-registered archaeological site can be found in
this area. The riverbank drops sharply in most areas with a few small beaches where the slope is gentler. The landward side of the Upper Sunrise Area backs up to a large developed residential area.

Bicycle, pedestrian and equestrian/hiking trails go through the area. The old Fair Oaks Bridge links the trails in the Parkway to Bridge Street in Fair Oaks. A car-top boat launching facility is located near the western entrance; another is located further upstream.

  • $6 Vehicle
  • $12 Vehicles with Trailer (ex. Boat or Horse) or RV
  • $24​ Bus
  • Vehicle fees increase over Summer Holiday Weekends.
Good For
Rules & Regulation
No Illegal Substances
Dogs Permitted
Swim At Own Risk
Fishing Permits Required
Carry Out Trash
No Camping
No Campfires
Dogs On Leash