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American River Parkway - Gristmill Area



The Gristmill Access area dominates the upstream portion of the south side of the SARA Park Area, and is named for the John Sutter gristmill dam thought to have been built at the site.​

The Gristmill Access area is primarily used by hikers, anglers, rafters, and boaters. A cobblestone bar, which is accessible by vehicle, protrudes into the river. This area provides a convenient takeout for rafters, as well as a good car top launching area for fishing boats. The site is also used by equestrians. An equestrian/hiking trail begins at Howe Avenue and terminates a short distance upstream from Gristmill, making the area a popular rest stop. Hikers enjoy the varied terrain and vegetation, as well as the many isolated waterfront areas in the vicinity.

Hours and Fees:

The park is open year-round from sunrise to sunset. Special Event fees vary by event.

Park Fees:

  • $6​ Vehicle
  • $12 Vehicle + Trailer or Oversized Vehicle
  • $24 Bus

Parking fees are collected year-round, even on special event days and on weekends. Self-payment is required.

Good For
Rules & Regulation
No Illegal Substances
Fishing Permits Required
Swim At Own Risk
Carry Out Trash
No Campfires
Leave No Trace