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Afognak Island State Park



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    49447.78 acres



Afognak Island was originally designated as the Afognak Forest and Fish Culture Reserve because of its outstanding wildlife and salmon habitat value. Afognak Island State Park now incorporates much of the east and north sides of the island, totaling over 75,000 acres. Most of this park is undeveloped and pristine except for an area south of Seal Bay that was partly logged in the early 1990s. The park is known for its rugged topography, dense old-growth Sitka spruce forests, and salmon spawning habitat. Kodiak brown bear, Sitka black-tailed deer, Roosevelt elk, and the endangered marbled murrelet inhabit the park. Visitors can fish, hunt, hike, or just enjoy the pristine environment. There are two public use cabins in the park. One is on the south shore of Pillar Lake and the other is at Laura Lake, east of Perenosa Bay on the northern end of Afognak Island. Both are restored U.S. Forest Service cabins.

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Accessibility Description

The park is accessible via boat of float plane. A number of air charters provide float plane service to the park and the public use cabins located at Pillar and Laura Lakes in the park. Each cabin is equipped with bunks, table and wood heating stove. Visitors should bring a cook stove and lantern. There is a woodshed and outhouse nearby; firewood is provided but must be split. Water is available from the lake, but visitors are advised to purify the water before use. Weather at Afognak Island is generally cool and moist. Average annual precipitation is about 75 inches and summertime temperatures range from the low 40's to the low 60's. Poor weather can delay flights to and from the park so all visitors are encouraged to pack extra food and supplies in case they get weathered in