Stables Road

Trail in Will Rogers State Historic Park


  • Directions

    Geolocation is not allowed
  • Distance

    0.12 miles


Stables Road is a spur trail from Bone Canyon Trail. Bone Canyon Trail offers an alternative and more direct route up to Inspiration Point. Turn left at the top of the trail onto Inspiration Point Loop Trail to reach the lookout point. Bone Canyon Trail climbs continuously up from the stables, although at a lower elevation than Inspiration Point Loop Trail. Bone Canyon Trail is wide with little shade from vegetation, although the hills on either side keep the trail cool in the morning and afternoon.

The trail can be accessed from the main entrance at Will Rogers State Historic Park. From the PCH, head inland on Chautauqua Boulevard (approximately one-mile north of the Santa Monica pier). After one mile turn right onto Sunset Boulevard. Park entrance will be on left via Will Rogers State Park Road.

Allowed Activities
Horseback Riding
Road Biking